11 Sins of Feminine Boy Names and How to Avoid Them

We all know the feeling of dread when a friend or family member asks us to name their child. Whether it’s for a new baby, naming your own children, or you’re just looking for some good ideas for friends and family members with kids, we’ve got you covered! The last thing any parent wants is to give their son a feminine name that will cause him problems on his journey through life. This article will help you avoid these 11 sins of feminine boy names so that your son can grow up as happy and healthy as possible!

* Take a look at the following list for some tips on avoiding feminine boy names:

– Avoid any name that could be mistaken as female. This includes classic girls’ names, like Charlotte or Ashley. Names with more than one syllable are great options!

– Try to avoid “pretty” nicknames for boys, such as Jimi (though you may give him this nickname). You can also try using full first and last names instead of abbreviated versions when naming your son so he won’t have to worry about being called by someone else’s name all his life.

– Don’t use family members’ surnames unless they’re really traditional – if not, wait until he gets married before giving him your surname! If you really want to use a surname, try using the “Jr.” suffix so he doesn’t have to worry about being called by someone else’s name.

– Consider adding an interesting middle name or nickname that will make your son unique and help him stand out from other kids with similar first names!

With these tips in mind, hopefully parents can avoid giving their sons feminine boy names that could lead them into trouble later on – both socially and professionally.

* These are just some of the many things we hope to cover in this series; others include: gender identity confusion due to teasing as well as how feminized boys might be teased for not looking manly enough (think Kei$ha). We’ll also talk about how the feminine boy names might be perpetuating a cycle of gender confusion that we’re never going to break.

We will also try and help parents find masculine-sounding first names for girls so they can give their daughters more options in life as well! Perhaps you think this is a very silly article, but it’s not too late: if your daughter isn’t named yet, take care with her name now because she’ll have to live with it her whole life (or at least until someone has enough sense to change our society).

* This content created by Lara Price; contact us via email or Facebook page if interested in using any material from this blog post series on another website. All credit goes directly towards Lara Price and select

Evelyn is a feminine name: This one’s an easy fix. Just call her Eve for short!

Tip #11–If you want to avoid the trouble of having your daughter with a masculine sounding first and last name, it may be wise to choose something that sounds more traditionally female in both forms. It’ll save you from having people constantly mispronounce her surname too.

Tip #12–Don’t give girly names like Belle or Lola to boys because it will make them sound effeminate (unless they are gay). They’re just not strong enough when paired together on males. Mr. Brown has always sounded much better than Mrs. White no matter what color he was wearing..I’ve also heard of a girl named Prince and that was pretty funny.

I have to admit, as much as I love some girly names–like Lola for example–when it comes to masculine sounding first and last name combos, there’s just not enough strength in the feminine sound for those to work very well when paired together on males. So my best advice is this: if you want your daughter with a traditional female-sounding surname then go with something more traditionally male so they can both be strong sounding..or vice versa if you’re dealing with two girls who are going to share one last name (in which case maybe consider using their middle initials or try mixing up an alternative spelling).

Tip #12 Don’t give girly sounding names to boys

Tip #13 Don’t give masculine-sounding first and last name combos to girls.

* * * ** ** ** ** * * . I had a friend who named her son Prince, which was pretty funny. Girls with traditionally male surnames are just as common these days so there’s no need for the confusion when it comes to your child’s gender identity or what they want their future profession is going to be. If you like traditional female-sounding surnames then pick something more masculine for them both and vice versa if you have two children of opposite genders sharing one surname (or at least think about using initials in some way). And don’t forget that feminine-sounding given names on males are now totally trendy, so it’s not all bad!

Tip #15 Ensure your daughter has a strong and traditionally feminine first name.

* * ** ** . A lot of people like to give their daughters masculine or ambiguous names these days because they’re trying to be “creative.” However, the reality is that having a traditional female-sounding given name makes life easier for girls in some ways – if she wants to live off her fists at MMA fighting then she can do that without anyone batting an eyelid. Also, there are many more options when it comes to nicknames; something much needed with such long names as Sophie or Emma! If you want your daughter to grow up feeling confident about herself rather than confused when others

-Sinning with a name and how to avoid it

-Sin #01: calling your son ‘princess’ or ‘queen’

-Sin #02: naming them after girls they’re not related to, like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter. This is definitely the worst sin of all if you have multiple children!

-Sin #03: giving your daughter a male nickname that could be considered masculine when she’s little but then becomes feminine later on in life (ie. Scotty->Scottie)


This guide will help parents choose appropriate names for their future babies without committing any sins along the way! And don’t forget to read our blog post about 20 Tips That Will Help You Raise Boys!

* * *

Part of the Sin series, this post will help you avoid committing any sins in your choice of a name for your future baby. The first sin is to call him ‘princess’ or ‘queen’. This is an example of what not to do because it can confuse them about their gender later on. It’s also important that parents don’t give children names after female characters they’re not related to (ie Hermione Granger from Harry Potter). There are many other mistakes you could make when picking out a feminine boy name which we’ll explore throughout this blog post. We’ll cover all 11 Sins and how to avoid them so read through until the end! * * * The next sin is to call them after inanimate objects. For example, ‘Apple’. This doesn’t make sense because they’re not a fruit or an object that can talk and think for themselves. The name should also be gender-specific so avoid names like ‘Lena’ if it’s going to confuse people about their identity/gender later on. Harry Potter himself named his godson Albus Severus Snape (which was Lily Potter’s maiden name) but this would only work with family members who are close relatives of the child being given the name. You wouldn’t want to give your baby boy the same middle name as another grown man you didn’t know just because he shares one letter

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