12 Tips for Successfully Working From Home When You’re in the Sci Fi Names Industry

How many times have you been told to get a real job? If you’re in the sci fi names industry, it might happen more often than not. However, with these 12 tips for successfully working from home when you’re in the sci-fi names industry, hopefully those days will be over!

– If you have a family, and they are supportive of your decision to work from home, make them aware that it’s important for you to take care of yourself. This means going out every once in awhile – even if just for an hour or two – so that the house doesn’t become too much at once.

– Keep healthy snacks on hand; not only will this help with those hunger pangs when lunchtime rolls around, but also give you something light and easy to carry with you should you need one!

* Chips: These little guys can go anywhere without any fuss. Plus, they’re super tasty! I always keep some near my desk and refill as needed.

* Yogurt: Yogurt is a great go-to snack for when you need something filling and don’t want to worry about dairy. Plus, it tastes delicious!

* Fruit: In the morning time I love grabbing an apple or banana; they taste good as well as provide some healthy carbs.

– Let your mind wander occasionally while working from home – this will help keep yourself energized and on task. There are so many things that can happen in just one day – both within our minds and outside of them! So take care to not forget what’s happening around us by taking a few minutes out of each day to partake in other activities than work. This could be anything from cleaning dishes or doing laundry, to reading a book or catching up on social media.

– Take a break! It’s not easy to manage our work and personal lives, but taking time for yourself every day is essential. You should take at least one hour of your own time each day, remembering that you are still human even when working from the comfort of your home office desk chair. Whether it be going out with friends in the evening or just spending some quality alone time reading by the fire place, make sure there’s an activity scheduled into your calendar every single day that has nothing to do with work – this will help set healthy boundaries between what needs done during business hours and hobbies/personal time after hours.

* Nuts: Nuts are another great snack option because they are filling and contain healthy fats that support brain function. Grab a bag of mixed nuts, or try some peanuts today!

* Clean Mirror: Pick up the cleaning supplies from your local grocery store on your way home and give yourself at least an hour to clean everything in sight – this will help you feel more refreshed when it’s time for bed. If you don’t have any loose ends (literally) hanging around, then there won’t be anything to worry about tomorrow morning – what could go wrong? Plus, if all goes well with the laundry process tonight..you’ll have a fresh wardrobe waiting for you next week too!

– Limit social media usage after hours: Go through your Facebook feed mindfully instead of letting yourself get sucked into scrolling for hours. Every time you’re tempted to open an app or website, think about how it will impact your sleep – and whether you can really afford the interruption in work tomorrow morning if a crucial email comes through right before bedtime.

– Ditch caffeine after lunch: It’s powerful stuff that leaves many people feeling jittery and unable to focus later on in the day. If you need an afternoon boost of pep, try drinking green tea instead!

* Set up a schedule for chores: Doing housework is never fun but dividing it up over several days makes it more manageable. Lay out what needs to be done today, this week, and next week so there’s no question as to what needs to be done when.

– Turn off notifications: Notifications are a constant distraction, so turn them all off and stick strictly to your schedule instead. This will also stop apps from automatically refreshing themselves every few minutes in the background which drains battery life!

* Stay Social!: Being at home can make you feel isolated – but it doesn’t have to! Maintaining contact with others is key for staying healthy mentally as well as physically. Make time each day for phone calls or Skype sessions with friends or work colleagues who live elsewhere. You’ll avoid feeling lonely and disconnected while still getting quality time with people outside of your usual circle of family and friends!

* Get out of the house!: Even if it’s just to the library or a coffee shop, get outside of your house for at least an hour every day. You’ll find that you’re more productive when you return home because it feels like a much needed break!

* Get Creative!: Put on some music and write out ideas in long form without worrying about how they flow together or what sentence structure is best – this will force your brain to think creatively and help spark new thoughts. Save your editing for another time!

I hope these tips are helpful in finding ways to work from home while still maintaining balance with colleagues and friends who aren’t working remotely as well as staying healthy mentally and physically during remote office hours. If there’s anything I missed please let me know via social media: @jgsolo22

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