14 Reasons to Be Addicted to Beer Names

You may have seen a few of the most popular beer names out there, but did you know that there are over 5,00 different brands? This is pretty amazing considering how many breweries there are. We all know why we drink beer – it tastes great and makes us feel even better when we’re having a good time with friends. But do you know about the fascinating history behind these delicious drinks? If not, then this blog post is for you! Keep reading to find out what your favorite beers have in common.

14 Reasons to be Addicted to Beer Names

-Beer has been around for over nine thousand years. It’s a drink that is not only popular in the US, but all across the globe! There are many different types of beer with varying tastes and colors. Some people may enjoy drinking light beers while others prefer dark brews. You can even find gluten-free options if you’re looking for something other than regular ale or lager. Even though there are so many varieties, they have some things in common – read on to learn more about these similarities..

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about why it’s great to love beer names! Continue reading below as we explore 14 reasons why it’s worth your time

Beer names are cool. I don’t want to say that they should be the only thing beer drinkers care about, but when you have a long list of beers and need something quick way to identify them all, one-word names is pretty handy.

There’s not much more than this introduction to talk about in terms of introductory sentences for a blog post on different types of beer so it might as well just start now with number one: Double IPA. DIPAs are perfect for those nights where you really wanna go HAM after work (or school) or if you’re looking for an excuse to drink during lunchtime because everyone deserves their fifteen minutes every day! You know what we mean? Some days life

-The first three letters of a beer name are often the same as its owner’s hometown.

-Every brewery has their own specialty styles that they make better than anyone else in the world.

-Some breweries even go so far to have names for specific beers, like Frog Eyes from Central City Brewing Company or Hop Venom at Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery!

-Beer names help us recall what we tasted and will probably taste again soon; it takes just one sip for your brain to recognize that taste when you see it later on the menu. Once our brains know which flavour is ours, we’re hooked! And who doesn’t want a chance of getting lucky? So next time you order a Kölsch (KOL) ask for a pint of Lucky K (LKK), just to give it a chance!

-Beer names are the perfect icebreaker.

-It’s always fun to see how many beer styles you can name in one minute, or even better: try reciting them alphabetically! It is said that there are over 140 varieties out there and knowing them will help prevent an awkward situation with your server when she asks what you want to drink.

-Sometimes we’re not sure if our taste buds have been numbed by too much cheap lager, but choosing between two beers becomes like deciding on which shade of lipstick looks best on us; they both look good, so why choose? Beer labels provide

There are so many beers out there, and they all have interesting names. Here’s 14 reasons to be addicted to beer names:

* [Reason #14] Just the everyday name of a drink can hold memories for you – like when I had my first Labatt Blue or ordered an Amstel Light at my uncle’s wedding reception in Canada. Memories served cold! What about that time years ago when you drank your first Guinness? Or maybe it was last week with your friends from college? A good name on some ice-cold brew is guaranteed to make any occasion more memorable.*

Everyday life has become easier because we now use apps (such as Untappd) to keep track of our beer consumption. In the past, we were lucky to remember what bar or pub served us our favorite brew. Now we proudly post pictures of tap handles and bottle labels for all to see.*


Beer names are not just clever marketing ploys by breweries – they also have a rich history in folklore and literature that can be traced back centuries with roots in Germanic mythology.* *

– Beer has always held an important role over time as it was often used as currency during times of war because its value could not be easily destroyed like other goods such as grain or cattle.* *

– It’s no secret that people love their alcohol: One study found more than half of America drinks at least some form on any given


Reasonable Reasons to Be Addicted To Beer Names: 14

This is a list of some reasons that you may be addicted to beer names and not know it until now..or maybe you’re just feeling like an addict right now! Either way, we hope this article will shed light on your true addiction so that you can move forward in the best possible direction for YOU (and your liver).

Sharing these with people who have any type of addiction should help them as well. You are never alone during difficult times – tell someone what’s going on and they’ll often offer support or ideas how to fix things. Sharing about addiction won’t shame us; it will liberate us.

Reasons to Be Addicted To Beer Names:

This list is in no particular order and may not be exhaustive – for example, these are just the things I can think of off the top of my head..I’m sure there’s more!

– The way that it tastes

– How many different types exist (usually) in a region/country or worldwide? There are even some beers that only certain people get to drink depending on where they live, such as weisswurst from Bavaria. This beer is made with a mix of barley malt, wheat flour, water and salt which gives it its signature white color and taste. It has been documented as being served since at least 1387.

– The way it smells

– It’s generally cold and refreshing, so you can drink a lot of it without getting too drunk. And if you do get to the point where your head is spinning from all the alcohol in your system, beer has been shown to be better for preventing hangover symptoms than wine or hard liquor because its high water content prevents dehydration. (This may help with the other points on this list)

– Beer usually comes in different sizes – think pint, quart, liter/half gallon and then even bigger: keg! You can always share with friends when there’s lots available 🙂 So many ways to personalize how much you want that taste at any given time. Some people might even like the taste more than others, depending on their mood. – Beer can be found locally or from all over the world! The opportunity to try different styles, flavors and brands is what makes beer so interesting in the first place. You never know when you might find your new favorite flavor just based off a recommendation from a friend or bartender at your local watering hole 😉 – There are plenty of events centered around drinking beer – Oktoberfest in Germany, for example! But even if there isn’t anything going on this week/month/year that specifically celebrates our beloved beverage, it’s still an excuse to get together with friends and have some beers. Plus you can always make up something fun to do while

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