I was recently reminded that the reason I make a point to always carry around pennies is that pennies are a great reminder of how much money we are spending on things such as cell phone service and groceries.

Well, how much? Well, for a penny, that’s about $1.50, which is about the equivalent of $5.99 in today’s dollars. When you add up the price of cell phone plans, groceries, and other items, we’re talking about a quarter. I can’t help but wonder why we spend so much more when we have so little.

I mean, if we could just keep ourselves from spending money at all, maybe we would be saving enough to buy a new car or buy the house on wheels.

I’m not sure about this, but I have always thought the world was a funny place.

Well, we spent a lot more in the 1800s than in the 1970s or 1980s. However, we did spend a lot more back in the day. Back in the 1800s, we had a lot more resources, we could travel a lot more and we had a lot more money. We also had more jobs that required being a workingman, so our wages were lower and there was a lot more money to be made. It’s the same in the 21st century.

The 1800s also had a lot more money around because people were less wealthy than they are now. That is a fact, and I believe that the modern working class (which is often the same group) is even poorer than it was back then. In fact, I would venture to say that our society is actually worse off than it was in the 1800s. And yet, we still think that we are better off today than we were back then.

People were poorer on the 19th century because they didn’t have the money to buy bread, cheese, and tea, and that’s why they had to resort to prostitution. The only reason that modern working-class women are working now instead of being “paid” is because our modern society has made it so hard for them to have the money to do so. And that’s also why it’s so hard for many of them to afford a home in the first place.

To be fair, poverty today is less of an issue than it was in the 1800s because we are generally more educated. We have fewer people who are living on the margins of society, which is why I don’t think there will be as much stigma as there was in the 1800s.

I don’t want to single out anyone for this. It’s a very general point, but I’ve been thinking about how our society is so much more equal today than it was a century ago. We are able to buy better cars, better houses, and better appliances because of our higher standard of living. I think it’s also because we are much less dependent on our work, which means we’re much more productive.

Yes, my friend, you’re absolutely right. Our society is much more equal today because we are more productive, but we are still reliant on the work of others. The more productive you are the less productive you are the less productive anyone is. So the more productive you become, the more likely you are to become dependent on others, and the more dependent you are people will want to take advantage of you.


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