Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are finding an increasing number of applications in sectors ranging from art and music to real estate and fashion. NFTs are versatile, digital assets that represent online or real-life tangible or intangible items, such as video games, artworks, designer sneakers, and more. NFTs make it easier to sell items such as artworks online. They also facilitate fractional ownership of property in the real estate sector. Below are five exciting NFT applications that are changing the way the art and business sectors work.


NFTs representing artworks on art websites and NFT marketplaces have permanently changed the art world by making fine art and niche art much more accessible to people. NFT platforms eliminate the middleman and connect content creators and artists directly with sellers. A single NFT represents ownership to that particular work of art. The NFT is displayed on a separate website server, and the actual, physical art can be displayed in your home, museums, galleries, etc. NFTs are also being successfully used to sell photographs and images. Photographers and content creators can embed royalty agreements in the sale certificates of the NFTS that provide them with royalties made from reselling the image or displaying it again for commercial purposes.


Thanks to the increasing popularity of NFTs among the young, high-income demographic, NFTs have proliferated in the fashion industry. Leading fashion houses such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton found tremendous success in displaying their NFT collections. The fashion industry is particularly suited for NFTs since NFTs can help immortalize seasonal collections and trends. Following the success of the above brands, many more designer brands and fashion houses have announced forthcoming NFT assets.

Real Estate

NFTs are also being used for commercial and practical purposes in the world of real estate and property. NFTS can be issued as a token for the sale of a house. The sale agreement within the NFT can also outline fractional ownership of a property so that homeowners can sell part of their property to investors, who can in turn benefit from income sharing or reduced rental rates for the use of the property.

Sports Highlights

Thanks to NFT technology, sports fans can now permanently own iconic and special sports moments in games including basketball. Top teams, athletes, and sports corporations are creating NFTs encapsulating unique in-game moments. The sports NFTs can be purchased, sold, or traded on NFT marketplaces. The success of sports-based NFTs offered so far bodeS well for similar implementations in other sports and also for the entertainment sector.


NFT marketplaces and platforms can now offer musicians and artists to upload their latest music album or single on the blockchain, thus letting them reach out to fans directly. Music fans and buyers can instantly access the new records and buy them. Several marketplaces also provide an option to embed a royalty agreement in the NFT, so that every time fans promote the music on social media, they get to earn money too. This is a unique way of helping both musicians and fans promote the music and profit from it.

As NFT marketplaces become more sophisticated and NFT technology finds greater acceptance, the ways in which NFTs are used will continue to expand. NFTs are thus proving to be a lasting, versatile technology.


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