6 Sins of Leopard Gecko Names and How to Avoid Them

Start with the name and first letter of your gecko’s species:

American Leopard Geckos – A

Australian Rainbow (or Red-headed) Geckos – R, G or H

Darwin Carpet Python – D

Eurasian Collared Lizard or European Wall Lizard – E or I. They may also go without a capital letter if they are written in lowercase letters. This is because some people think that this lizard looks like an eel instead of a lizard. It is not wrong to capitalize it though as well!


Sin # __: Named after another well-known Leopard Gecko. You don’t want your geckos to feel like their names are all the same with different numbers in front of them, do you? Give your new leopard geckos a name that is unique and special!

The six sins of naming leopard geckos according to this blog post are: -Named after another well-known Leopard Gecko (sin number one) -Same first letter as other Leopard Geckos (sin number two) -Three letters or less in length (sin number three) -Ends in “leo” or “lee” only because it’s trendy right now, not for any particular meaning behind those

Sin # : Unpronounceable names. Geckos are the only lizards with vocal cords, and they can make a number of different sounds including chirps, squeaks, hisses or growls depending on their mood. But this doesn’t mean that you should give them an unpronounceable name! Remember to shorten your pet’s name so it is easier for everyone around you to say (e.g., “Binky” instead of “Bentley.”)

Sin # : Common names which have many meanings in other cultures. There are some words that may sound like good choices for gecko names but could be offensive if spoken by someone outside of the English-speaking world. For example, “Boris” in Russian means “thief.” This can lead to a lot of confusion and even hurt feelings if you name your gecko Boris.

Sin #: Names that are not gender-specific. When choosing the perfect pet name, it is essential to consider whether or not it has any masculine or feminine qualities associated with it. Geckos have an obvious gender difference which will be very noticeable after they reach maturity (male leopard geckoes get bright blue bellies). Be mindful when naming your new buddy so there’s no confusion!

Sin # : Uncreative names such as “Leo” because he’s a Leo.. The first two sins, unpronounceable names and offensive names, are the most easily avoided. The third sin is a little harder to avoid because it’s less about spelling and more about creativity. You may have found your pet gecko (or any animal) in a store or at a friend’s house so you don’t know their gender or they never told you what kind of name they liked best. That leads us to Sin #: Uncreative Names such as “Leo”

Sin # : Personalizing too much with creative names that might not fit well with the personality of your new friend – For example, naming an outgoing gecko Lucy when she is shy. This one can be tricky if you’re just getting started learning about leopard ge

Sin # : Calling a Leopard Gecko “Leopard” or “Panther.” They are not called such things in the pet trade.

To Avoid this Sin, call it by its correct name! It is best to use their scientific name of Eublepharis macularius for short.

Sin # : Giving your Leopard Gecko an uncreative and/or human-sounding name like Jane Doe or John Smith. To Avoid this Sin give them an exotic sounding creature’s name like Zebula, Xenon, Torechianna, etc.; but make sure that you pronounce it correctly when you introduce him/her to others so they don’t think he/she has some medical condition.

Sin # : Assigning gender-specific names to Leopard Geckos. To Avoid this Sin, use a name that doesn’t imply any specific sex such as Alpha or Evelyn (which incidentally is my gecko’s name). You can also get creative with adjectives like bold and brave for males and sweet and gentle for females.

Sin #: Overusing the word “gecko” when speaking about them so they sound more like a sneaker brand than an animal. To Avoid this Sin you should never call your leopard gecko just “Gecko.” It will become unintelligible in no time! Instead of saying “I have six Geckos,” say instead, “I have six leopards.”

Sin #: Not using a proper name for your leopard gecko. To Avoid this Sin you should always give your gecko a name that is in some way special to him or her and avoid generic names like “Lizzie” or “Spot.” For example, my gecko’s name is Evelyn because she was born during the eclipse of 2017–Evelyn means well-born.

Sin # : Overusing adjectives when naming them so they don’t sound like real Leopard Geckos anymore. To Avoid this Sin try not to use words such as ‘adorable’ in their names since it implies cuteness which most Leopards can only dream of achieving! You may also want to avoid words like ‘fierce’ or ‘dashing,’ which will make them sound more human than animal.

Sin #: Giving your Leopard Gecko a name that doesn’t represent their gender. To Avoid this Sin, always use the appropriate pronoun for when you’re talking about your geckos! For example, if someone asks me how many leopard geckos I have and I say “six,” they may think all six are females because all of my named leopards so far are female. It’s easier to just let people know what sex they are in person by saying things such as “I’m looking for a male” or “I’m looking for another female.”

Sin #: Using too many adjectives or adverbs in a Leopard Gecko’s name. To Avoid this Sin, use adjectives sparingly and only when needed to accurately describe your geckos! For example, if you have two different types of Leopards then it may be appropriate to differentiate them with an adjective such as ‘common’ versus ‘jungle,’ but don’t go overboard because they’re still both leopard geckos.

Sin #: Giving your Leopard Gecko names that are too long for their head size. To Avoid this Sin, try not to get carried away on the first meeting (or while browsing online) by naming them after mythical creatures or superheroes who already have really cool sounding names like Loki and Thor! Stick with shorter names like ‘Loki’ and ‘Thor.’

Sin #: Giving your Leopard Gecko an inappropriate name. To Avoid this Sin, stay away from making a joke or using curse words in their name. You want to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the gecko’s name so you don’t end up giving them one they will regret later on!

Sin #: Choosing names based on availability rather than personality.To Avoid this Sin, think about what kind of personality your leopard geckos have come up with some creative ideas for naming them instead of choosing ones because they’re just there waiting for you! Take time out to get know each individual before deciding which level of creativity to use when coming up with SIN #0: LEOPARD GEIKO NAMES THAT ARE TOO BIG. If you are going to name your gecko, please make sure it is a reasonable size and does not take up too much space visually on the page. These include names like Leopard Gecko12345 or something that’s 15-20 characters long with spaces in between each word. We recommend using no more than 12 characters for proper spacing of all words so every time they appear online, there isn’t a huge amount of white space around them (which looks very unprofessional). We also encourage people to be creative when naming their leopard geckos! In addition to following these guidelines, we suggest including colors and patterns in the

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