8 K Girl Names Stories Worth Reading Right Now

The world is full of stories and names. Some are more interesting than others, and some are just downright weird. If you’re looking for a name for your daughter or son that’s not in the top 10, this list is perfect for you! Here are 8 K Girl Names Stories Worth Reading Right Now: The Closest Thing to Nirvana!

The world is full of stories and names. Some are more interesting than others, and some are just downright weird. If you’re looking for a name for your daughter or son that’s not in the top ten, this list is perfect for you! Here are eight K Girl Names Stories Worth Reading Right Now: The Closest Thing to Nirvana!

– Abilene – One day Abilene was walking down Broadway when she passed by an old gentleman who looked like he needed help crossing the street. She carried him over one shoulder while holding her lunch box with her other hand until they reached the curb. Afterward, there were no words exchanged but both knew it would never be forgotten what had been done on such a random

Lottie: Lottie is the French word for “beloved.” It sounds like a classic girl name, but it has some modern flair to it as well.

Molly: Molly was one of the most popular names in America before 1900 and its popularity hasn’t waned much since then either. The meaning varies from sweetheart to “sea (saltwater) wave.” It’s also slang term for an attractive woman with long hair.

Nora: Nora means “light or lamb,” which is fitting given how this momma lives her life now that she knows about light bulbs and such! Plus, you can use this spelling interchangeably with the more traditional Nell-a, which is also a great name for your Bonneville baby.

Olivia: Olivia means “olive tree” and it’s been the most popular girls’ name in America since 2011. It didn’t even rank on the list until 1986 when it was number 404! But don’t let that throw you off because this pretty green leaf has definitely grown into her namesake these days.

Sophie: Sophie as an English form of Sophia (wisdom). In some other languages it means “grace.” If you’re looking to get all sassy with names, try something like Rosy or Moxie instead. And if she doesn’t mind sharing her first name, we recommend another L-O name, Louise.

Isabella: Isabella is a variant of Elizabeth (meaning “God’s promise”). If you like Bella, but don’t want her to be known as the girl in Twilight, try out Eliza or Hazel for variations on this traditional girls’ name.

Amelia: You couldn’t find a more perfect first name than Amelia; it means “industrious and hard-working”! As with other names that might seem too popular because they’re constantly being used in movies and children’s books, such as Scarlett Johansson’s character from Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds), there are plenty of unique spellings if you need something different. Try Emilia instead!

Kylie: There are a lot of names with the letter K in them, but Kylie is one that has been around for a long time. You might know her as the name of an Aussie singer or actress; if so, you may prefer to spell it Kylee instead!

Kyleigh: This spelling of Kylee (see below) can be used by either girls and boys. It’s spelt just like Leigh – except without “e” at the end because there isn’t any need for another vowel after “i”.

Lucy: Lucy shares its meaning with other L-O names you’ve already seen on this list—it means “light”, which ties into meanings we talked about last time like sun and sky.

Leigh: Leigh is a name that means “meadow” or “field of grass, green pastureland”. It’s not just an L-E ending though – it has the more unusual spelling to avoid making it too similar to other names with “e” at the end.

Lola: This expression originates from Spanish meaning “sorrowful one”, which might make you think this would be a sad name for your daughter! If that’s how you’re feeling about having another baby, then maybe give her a nickname instead?

If not, there are plenty of nicknames she can go by instead such as LaLa (which also shares its origins in Spanish) or Lolly (which is a pet name of Helen).

Luna: Meaning “moon” in Spanish, this pretty feminine name has been used by several celebrities and royals. Why not use it for your daughter too?

Marsha: This cute girl’s name means “God’s gift” which might make you think about the many gifts that come with being blessed to have another baby! It also shares its origins in Celtic mythology where Mars was one of the gods of war who protected crops.

Mila: The latin word mila comes from miles meaning soldier or warrior, making Mila an awesome choice if you’re looking for something strong but still soft enough for a little girl.

Mira: This name means “watchful” which is a beautiful meaning when you’re naming your daughter. It’s also unique and uncommon enough that your little one will never have to worry about not being able to find her name on Halloween costumes!

Nyleen: Meaning “strength, power” in Gaelic this strong girl’s name makes for an awesome choice if you’re looking for something traditional but still has some edge too it.

Milena: While many people might think of the month January (which shares its origins with Mila) as cold and bitter, there are plenty of people who know what a blessing winter can be once we get past those first few days! And since Milena comes from Latin origins, it’s the perfect name for a classic and elegant girl.

Nova: This is another example of an uncommon but still traditional sounding girls’ name with some edge to it! Meaning “new” in Latin Nova has been revived by popular culture thanks largely to Marvel Comics heroine, Rogue (one of my favorites!)

Keira: I loved this unusual variation on Kaira because of its similar spelling-although notably different meaning-and really appreciated that you can find nicknames like Keera or Kira too if your daughter prefers those spellings. As we talked about earlier, there are also plenty of ways for people who share names to stand out as individuals so they don’t have to worry about being confused or not being recognized because of another Keira or Kaira, but the similarity is still close enough so they’ll feel connected.

Kaisin: Kaisin was one I hadn’t heard before, and when spelled with a C it’s pronounced “kay-sin” which is perfect for our argument that Katrin could be Katie too!

Kaia: This name has been steadily growing in popularity over the last couple years and may have even replaced Khloe as my new favorite girls’ moniker (don’t tell Khloe!) It means “dusk” in Greek while also being an alternate spelling of Kaiya, just like Kaylin can be Katherine. On top of all that goodness this name sounds really cool with nicknames like Ki, Kay, Kaia-bear, Kaiya or Kiah. Kalea: We don’t see this name too often anymore but it may be worth a look if you’re looking for something different that’s not as popular and won’t get confused with Keira or Kalista. It has an earthy feel to it which is also nice for those who still want rare names without being super trendy at the same time. Kaileah: This spelling of Coleen was brought back into popularity by Hayden Panettiere in Heroes (may she rest) and though we haven’t seen many girls named after her yet, there are plenty of boys out there! If you love Irish culture then this might be your best bet since

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