9 Things Taylor Swift Has in Common With Girl Names That Start With B

-Barbara is the name of Taylor Swift’s cousin who died in a car crash when she was 15.

-Bethany, which means “house”, can be found in her song with Ed Sheeran called “End Game”.

-Taylor’s album Red contains many songs about love and heartbreak, including “You Need To Calm Down.”

-The B side on the vinyl version of 1989 was an acoustic track titled: Ballad For The Ladies Who Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. This song commemorates women that have climbed to the top to raise money for breast cancer research. On this same album there is also a b-side titled Bad Blood which features Kendrick Lamar but did not make the final cut for 1989.

-Another song on her album Red, “The Lucky One,” is about how she fell in love with a man who was already married and had three children but ended up leaving his family to be with Taylor Swift.

-Taylor’s other album Speak Now also has b songs like “Dear John” and “Never Grow Up”.

-In 2006, at age 18 when she released her first self titled studio album we find that there are many ballads such as: You Belong With Me; The Outside; Breathe (Taylor’s favorite); Forever And Always Last Kiss; Cold As You; Tim McGraw – which features Taylor’s mother Andrea Swift on backing vocals; and the album closes with “The Story Of Us”.

-In her following albums Fearless (2008) and Red (2012), Taylor Swift has more songs that start with a B. The song Back to December is about how she regrets breaking up with Connor Kennedy on Christmas Eve, while Blank Space features lyrics like: “So it’s gonna be forever or it’s going to go down in flames? You can tell me when you decide.”

-Another b ballad from Taylor Swift is Be Mine which was originally intended for Speak Now but ended up not being used because of an argument between lyrical collaborator Ed Sheeran. It also appears as one of two bonus tracks on her Grammy Award-nominated first compilation album, Taylor Swift.

-The song Better Man is about how she hates that her then-boyfriend’s new girlfriend had “the best of him”.

-In Blank Space the protagonist has a problem with guys who are all like: “I’m sorry for breaking your heart / And I’m sorry for what I put you through.”

-Taylor also says in this song that she can’t get enough of reading their magazines and laughing at the lies they read while wishing them well but never being surprised when they disappear again. This could be because the person may have been unfaithful to them or done something else problematic; as seen by lines such as “He would be the one to show up late night / And I would be waiting for him by the phone.”

-Taylor Swift also has a song called Better Than Revenge. In this song she is singing about how her ex’s new girlfriend “wore skinny jeans better than me”. She then goes on and says that now he’ll come running back, but it will all be too late because his love was just an illusion. This could be emotional abuse towards Taylor as seen in lines like “You should go out with your friends more often if you think that they’re so great” while not being able to spend time with them herself or going to places without permission from their partner.

-Taylor Swift has also gone through a lot of emotional abuse with her ex. This is seen in the song “All Too Well” where she sings about how he loved her then left and was replaced by another girl, who will never be as good for him because they couldn’t love like they could.

People have been analyzing Taylor’s lyrics to see if it can relate back to famous men or other women that are either not as popular or may not seem on top of their game anymore; using terms such as B-list celebrities when talking about them. There have been many people that accuse certain artists (such as Taylor) for being fake and trying too hard to stay relevant, which is one reason why she might show up

-Blanche is a French word meaning white.

-Bessie is English for the name Elizabeth, which means God’s promise or my God is bountiful.

-Betty has roots in Old German and means peaceful one—it can also mean wealthy woman as it was a nickname originally given to women who had been awarded their dowry.

-Belle comes from Latin words that mean beautiful, strong, healthy, or happy; while Beulah might be related to Hebrew words that literally translate into “married.” It could also come from Arabic where Bela translates to “gazelle.” But this begs the question: Are we sure Taylor Swift isn’t Belly? We know she’s been called Beulah before.

-Betsy is an English word meaning wealthy or prosperous in the sense of material wealth, while Bethany might be related to Hebrew words that literally translate into “house of dates.”

-Blanche comes from Middle French and means white; which is fitting because on this B list alone Taylor Swift may be the whitest one.

A lot has changed for Ms. Swift since her old days as a country singer up until now where she’s not even popular enough among A-listers anymore to make their guest lists—even though they want to stay relevant like her. She still kind of maintains friendships with them but just not when it matters, unlike Beyoncé

The first thing that Taylor Swift has in common with girls named Bailey is a strong sense of individuality.

One way that she expresses this is by wearing different hair colors and styles, sometimes on the same day! She also takes time to write songs about her own experiences, whether they’re good or bad. It’s an important part of what makes her music so relatable.

Bailey can be short for Elizabeth (Eliza) and other names beginning with “B”. Another woman who goes by the nickname “Bea” gets some love from Taylor too; see Bea Miller below! But not all Bs are interchangeable: There’s only one Beyoncé after all..

In 2013, Taylor Swift reached out to a girl named Bea Miller and invited her on stage at one of her four sold-out shows in Los Angeles.

The second thing Taylor Swift has in common with girls is the letter B is that she’s always got an opinion ready for you! She’s not afraid to speak up when something needs mentioning, whether it be about feminism or supporting someone who’s been bullied by people online (she knows what it feels like!). Her words have power because they’re filled with truth, making them both thought provoking and empowering.

Bailey can also stand for Beatrice; this name may sound familiar since Taylor Swift went as “Bean” while wearing a shirt printed with the name during Halloween 2014. The third thing Taylor Swift has in common with girls is the letter B. She’s also got a really great sense of humor! How else can you explain all these clever sketches she made for her music video “Shake It Off”? Baylee: A country name that sounds like it belongs to a girl from Nashville; I’m sure Swift would be more than happy if this was true because we know how much she loves Tennessee and everything about its culture. Plus, there are some other famous Baylees out there too, so why not add one more? Kaya: This Native American name means “brave” or “courageous.” In addition to being brave herself, always feeling compelled

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