We will start our journey with NFTs.

Ok, so NFT or non-fungible tokens are considered to be the best modern-day digital asset which is basically used to be treated as an asset to produce a passive income. These are the long runners which enable the traders to trade their digital assets like art, music, videos, real estate, movies, and even for intellectual property. Now recently, NFTs are making a huge impact on gaming industries by introducing blockchain technology as a decentralized platform.

In the Prehistoric Times, and from prehistoric, we meant around 5-7 years ago, Games for gaming servers, origami platforms used to be centralized, and the environment was only utilized for a purpose inside the game. Now, these gaming platforms have transformed into decentralized game structures, turning themselves into gaming behemoths.

Now comes the non-fungible tokens into the play. These non-fungible tokens are used to make a digital asset from the in-game items to be traded separately on other trading platforms to generate passive income. Then came the NFT loot boxes.

A legendary crossover between loot boxes and NFTs

The non-fungible token is getting a crossover with the term loot box, which is no stranger to scrutiny as they can be subject to regulatory attention indications because they are widely popular in video games and also, in general, are meant to be criticized based on the similarities between the two as illegal gambling, but in this decentral era, they have been embraced to try their luck to get there hands on even the legendary items for free. The recent boom in the gaming industry is on one side and the central gaming industry has adopted a large part of blockchain technology is on the another side.

NFTs in the gaming industry

It was inevitable from the start that NFT gaming would take off due to the digital ledger on the blockchain that can track down the ownership of an asset and can offer the reselling percentage to past owners. The performance and hard work of seeking out and trading the collectible item or the in-game assets like battle weapons and skins are much harder than it seems. These assets will have to be searched out and then participated in the trades, but it is not 100% sure that these items will be available for trade, and this will cause a big blunder in the gaming domain. Since the introduction of NFT loot boxes, there is content deep down that the users don’t have to individually search for the items; they can easily try their luck from the loot boxes. 

What are NFT loot boxes?

Now the loot boxes capitalize on the increasing popularity of NFT to present the games and the developer’s all-new standards of passive income and gaming items. These loot boxes are meant to ensure that players will be working in a transparent manner, and the distribution of items will be in a decentralized manner. So basically, NFT loot boxes are a collection of randomly selected NFT assets regarding the game itself. 

GuardianLink Cricket Loot box

GuardianLink is proud to announce the world’s first cricket NFT loot box drop. As we are talking about this, these collection of NFTs are generating massive hype that no one could resist. Here we are mentioning the world’s first NFT cricket game drop that will be launching soon on the jump.trade platform. These personality cricket collections are going to be launched in the month of April 2022. The drops are called super loot and would be a collection of API-based assets that are good as a gatekeeper to the original game based on its nature and the feature and opportunity it will provide.

Jump.trade NFT cricket games upcoming NFT cricket collectibles could be a turning point in the NFT play-to-earn games and how they will be received in the future. It is also a notable moment that developing nations who are well known for their utilization of NFT play-to-earn are not so popular in the cricket genre. All we know for a fact is that the professional gamer would readily adapt to this new NFT cricket collection. But once the Drop hits the floor, all the advantages and opportunities can be utilized.

Buy your Cricket NFT Drop

The launch of the cricket game NFT drop will be at the fingertips of NFT enthusiasts as the amount of the buzz generated is small but significant with a wide range of social media post users is Tangled with the hype. And according to the company entrepreneurs, the motivation behind this metaverse venture cricket game is to benefit equally the professional Gamers, fans, and enthusiasts. So Hurry and collect your first NFT cricket drop shop before the queue gets even longer. This game fight cricket collectible consists of legendary players as their cricket bats. As the sources provide, having these NFTs in your wallet will provide your entry point for many opportunities in the upcoming metaverse Sign up for your first-ever cricket NFT on the jump.trade marketplace and fund your wallet 


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