I recently came across an article about belgique coin by a Parisian woman named Gertrude L’Engle, who wrote “the book of self-awareness”. She is quite an interesting and entertaining writer and while I don’t claim to be a self-aware person, I could certainly appreciate the article and the insights she offered.

She talks a lot about the parts of our lives that we spend so much of our time thinking about and planning. These are the things that we think about, plan for, and act on. What is interesting about those parts of our lives is that we tend to view them as “decisions.” We tend to have these “decisions” with the hope that they will somehow influence our future.

I have a friend who is an actor and thinks that he is acting, but he is in fact not acting, he is in fact in a time loop. He is a movie director and he has a movie going on in his head.

In some ways, we are more like actors than we are directors. We have more of these time-loop decisions at hand. We can only act so much within the time-loop of our lives so there is a limit to what we can create.

Sometimes we act in the hopes of creating something new, but sometimes the real-life consequences of our decisions can be very different. The movie I work in was a comedy about a guy who gets to meet his son in the afterlife every Christmas, but he has to tell the kid that he is gay because he is in a time loop and the kid is the one who has to tell him (as if he didn’t already know).

That’s the real-life consequence of telling your son that you are gay, right? I can’t think of a reason why we shouldn’t tell our kids the truth.

I know this is a bit of a spoiler, but I think this scene is pretty awesome. I mean that is just a very simple and yet effective way of explaining “don’t do drugs” to your kid (I mean, you should probably not do drugs, right?). The movie is also very funny, because it doesn’t necessarily matter for the kid that you are gay.

The movie also does not necessarily matter for the parents. It’s a good movie, and the fact that it’s entertaining is a good thing. It’s a good movie for anyone to watch, because everyone is different. One thing I have learned watching the movie is that the people with the most power in this world tend to be the ones that know how to hide their true feelings. It is a good lesson for parents and children alike, and it is also a reminder that no one is perfect.

It’s an interesting thing about sexuality; there are a lot of people that are “gay” in one form or another, but most of them are heterosexual. Most people are so afraid of being perceived as homosexuals that they never want to speak out about it openly. What the rest of us do is just try to make ourselves invisible so we don’t seem gay. I’m not saying it’s right, but I’m sure a lot of people in that position have good reasons.

I know I don’t. But it is just plain wrong to pretend to be someone else when you arent.

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