The earrings I have featured throughout this book are a small, simple and personal collection of earrings. While each is a perfect color and each is unique, they all have the same purpose. They are the perfect way for me to incorporate the color of a coin into my everyday wear. I use them all throughout my summer wear.

I’ve also used the earrings to make the coin clips I’ve shown you in this book. I’ve used them to attach clips to jewelry I wear during the day. I’ve also used them to attach clips to my phone so I can use coins to make phone calls, and I’ve used coins to make the earrings I wear at night.

I can’t tell you how many people have told me they’ve worn the earrings, but I can tell you that I’ve worn them. I’ve made a special effort to wear them at night.

I think it’s because earrings are so versatile. They can be worn as jewelry, they can be attached to a hat, they can be attached to a hair clip, they can attach to a belt, they can be attached to a keychain, you name it. In many ways they are the perfect accessory.

Earrings are one of those things that’s easier to get wrong than right. They can look great, they are often the most practical way to wear jewelry, they are a great way to hold a phone, and they can be used to hold the phone itself. But when you try to wear a phone in earrings, it’s the wrong way to look.

It’s best to wear earrings with the phone itself on your left ear as they are the most casual. But on the right ear, you should wear earrings with the phone on the right ear as they are the most formal.

It looks great, but it’s an overall bad idea. Earrings look better when you wear them with the phone on your right ear as the right ear is the most formal and it looks great. But the fact is, if you wear earrings that get in the way of the phone on your left ear, they may look wrong. So a lot of coin earrings look awkward.

For example, the “earring” on the left in the above picture of the coin earring looks awkward. The earring at the top looks as good as normal, and the earring at the bottom looks as good as a normal earring. But they are actually the same earring.

Well, at least it’s not a necklace, because there’s a couple of reasons why you shouldn’t wear a necklace with earrings: 1. Earrings are a bit larger than a necklace, so they may be a bit uncomfortable when you first wear them; and 2. They may not be enough in-line with the earring on your right ear, so they may look wrong.

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