It’s a crema: a custard, typically made with eggs, sugar, milk or cream and a lot of it. But this is the one I go for most often. I like it because it’s easy and quick to make, it’s not too sweet, and it makes a great snack.

The origin story of crema is this: A farmer gets in a fight with a worker in a chocolate factory. The worker is mad that the farmer has been stealing his money and beating his workers, so he is determined to kill the farmer. The farmer kills his worker, but instead of giving the worker a nice big gift, the farmer decides to crema him with his own hands.

The creator of crema is actually a person named Miguel. I think the last time I checked, he was one of the most famous creators of chocolate in the world, so I’m sure he’s very happy to see his name brought to life again. In his own words, crema is “a sweet and salty, hard candy with a long expiration date.” I personally think that’s a great description of how it tastes. It’s definitely a sweet treat, but not too sweet.

crema is a candy made from sweet and salty ingredients. It isn’t just another candy made from sugar. Its actually a blend of two very sweet ingredients. What makes crema the most delicious is that it doesn’t come in a box. It is made by a person (crema the creator) who gathers the ingredients himself. That creates a real luxury since you don’t have to buy it from a store and it will last forever.

crema is a very addictive candy. Its one of the most popular candies in the world and it has a long history as a popular confection in the United States. The origin of crema is unknown, but its believed to have originated from the island of Crete. The island was originally inhabited by the Knights Templar, an order of medieval knights that were devoted to protecting the Catholic Church.

Crema is a sweet made from the pulp of the bark of various tree species. The fruit of the tree has a very sweet taste and is believed to be one of the oldest known candies. A crema was originally made by placing the fruit of the tree in a large container of sugar. A small amount of water was added to make the sugar dissolve, and the sugar was then mixed with the fruit to make crema.

I’ve never really been a fan of crema as a candy, but there are a few reasons why I will probably never eat one. The first is that it’s pretty hard to find. The second is that it looks like someone tried to create a version of the crema without the fruit. The third reason is because all the crema I’ve ever seen is made with an artificial fruit. I think the artificial fruit is probably the most disgusting thing about crema.

The crema craze started in the early 2000s and lasted about twelve years. I remember buying crema at a drive-thru for a pack of gum one day. I was pretty confused by the whole thing, but I think I tried it anyway because I was curious. So when I got home that night, the first thing I did was mash the crema with the fruit. I then went to bed. But I couldn’t sleep.

It’s probably not the best idea to eat a fruit in the first place. You might get sick. And if you get sick you’re probably going to be in a lot of trouble. Plus, the crema can be a mess and you don’t want to eat it on the floor.

Well, at least its not the fruit. The whole thing reminds me of a scene in the movie “The Matrix” where Neo wakes up in the room, and sees the wall-curtains moving, and he says “I’m sorry, this is a dream.” And it’s hard to believe that this is supposed to be a real memory.


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