I love the idea of doch coin because I think it’s very cool, yet it does require a lot of work and time to do. I like to start with the most minimal amount of detail to get each piece in perfect, yet still practical condition. I don’t even have to paint my doch, because it’s not only a functional piece, but also a unique piece.

The actual painting of a doch coin is the best part for me because it is not only fun, but also very technical and difficult to mess up. The easiest way to do an 8×8 doch is to use a watercolor brush, but you can also use a brush and some oil with the watercolor. You can even make a doch out of a paper doch, but you’ll have to be creative and use what you have.

I have to admit I am a fan of doch coins too, but I usually don’t paint them. I have done a few so far, but I didn’t go into detail about the colors, because I have no idea what they look like. I do know which of them are the best to paint, so I guess that is the one you should paint.

I have to admit I am much more of a fan of watercolor doch coins. They are easy to do and you can get them in a variety of colors. There are also some watercolor doch coins that are acrylic and can be put together in a pretty quick time. So I would say go for it if you want to take your doch coin art to the next level.


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