The best way to get through each day is to be mindful. Instead of rushing in and out of a meeting, being too busy to pause and check in with yourself, and getting lost in your smartphone. There is so much more to be mindful about.


pasv is a mindfulness app that helps people take control of their day. Think about it. You have a mind that’s constantly at work; you’re working on your business, doing something important, and you have a day-to-day life, and you’re busy doing all of that. With pasv, it’s possible to stop and notice where you are on your day.

Pasv is a tool that helps you control your day and stop and take a moment to pause and check in with yourself. While many apps are geared towards the busy person, pasv has a little bit of a special place for those of us who have a lot on their plate. We just want to stop and pause and be aware. It’s great for when you’re trying to lose weight (for example), or stop and notice your body or your mind that you’re not being mindful.

While pasv isn’t a full replacement for meditation, it does have a place in your day. While it doesn’t replace your normal interactions with others, it does help you stop and notice what you are doing in the moment.

pasv isnt a meditation app per se, but the main point is that it is a tool to help you realize the most important parts of your day.

Some people might find meditation to be a way of getting a good grip on their day, and getting rid of a lot of the distractions that it can bring about. While I would probably like to replace meditation with a more active method of managing my day, the problem is that I have to be very careful how I use it. Meditation is not like a game where I have to look for a button to press.

As a general rule, meditating is to help you get a good grip on your day. The problem is that this often means that it becomes a very different method for me from what I might have expected. I once had a very productive day at work, and I was able to get a lot accomplished in a relatively short amount of time. However, I found that I was very stressed out and was getting a lot of anxiety and upset.

The point is that meditation is supposed to help you become less stressed out. As a general rule, it helps when you’re on autopilot. However, if you’re meditating and then you find yourself having a stressful day, that’s an indication that you’re not doing it right.

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