In a broad sense, AI or artificial intelligence is a method of creating machines that perform actions previously only achievable by human perception, learning or reasoning. While the ultimate aim is to build an AI capable of matching and surpassing the full human cognitive abilities (a degree referred to as artificial general intelligence or AGI), We’re some decades off from this kind of technology.

Most of the time, applications of artificial intelligence or machine learning for education are virtual and not embedded like robots. There could be physical components, for example, sensors for audio or visual from the Internet of Things (IoT), that gather or analyze environmental data. However, artificial intelligence in educational systems typically manifests itself through software-based processing systems.

The education sector across the world is not one of them. Artificial Intelligence in Education is used in multiple schools across the nation. The application of AI in education has offered entirely new ways of teaching to parents, students, teachers and educational institutions.

Here are a few actual applications of AI in the field of education:

Personalized Learning: 

The goal of using AI in education is not to replace teachers but rather to assist them in understanding the strengths and limitations of every student. The application of AI at schools has made the process easier and more convenient for students and teachers. By understanding the needs of every child, teachers can develop specific study plans for each student.

Support Students:

Pearson has suggested that the students of the future will be able to have an AI lifetime learning companion. In essence, the generation’s next cohort of students will be raised having an AI companion who knows their personal and school history. This means that it will understand the abilities and weak points.


All schools have not accepted the application of AI in the education sector. Soon, AI and education will work hand-in-hand. The use of AI in education has revolutionized the educational industry. However, it is still not able to realize its full potential. Look through this Artificial Intelligence Course to learn about AI’s various roles across multiple sectors. While there’s an ongoing debate about AI’s pervasiveness, there is now a growing consensus regarding the numerous advantages AI can provide to learning. 


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