It’s a “shekel coin”, or a piece of silver, that’s worth 3 shekels (about 50 cents) by weight. It originally came from the shekel, which is a unit of weight that was used in the ancient Near East to denominate weight of coins.

It’s actually a coin that is worth 1 shekel, or 2.5 cents. I say “about” because there is usually a slight variance in the actual weight of the coin and the shekel. The old shekel was a weight of about 2.5 ounces, so a shekel coin that’s 50 cents in weight would have a value of about 4.5 shekels.

I have no idea what shekel coin is, but I can tell you that it is a coin that can be worth quite a bit of money. The shekel coin was originally a round coin that was about 0.5 ounce in weight, like this one. If you’d like to learn more about the shekel, check out my video “Shekel Money 101”.

Shekel coins come in a variety of weights, weights of 1, 2, 5, 10 and 20 shekels. As it turns out, the shekel coin is a coin that is worth far more than it is in actual weight. The real shekel is worth about 1 shekel, but you can buy a shekel coin as low as 50 cents in weight.

As I mentioned before, the shekel coin has been around for a long time. It’s been around since at least the ancient Babylonian period. The shekel coin is most likely the product of a Babylonian coin that was struck as a medium-weight unit of currency. The Babylonians were a group who were very interested in creating coins that were made of metal they could wear and carry around.

The Babylonians also set out to create a coin worth 1 shekel. The Babylonian shekel coin was struck out of a special alloy that was very similar to actual silver. The Babylonian shekel coin was not made of gold. It was made of a special alloy of iron and copper.

The Babylonians also created the shekel coin. They would use the special alloy to create the coin. They would then use a special process to create the coin. They would make the shekel coin by forging it out of the special alloy. Then they would use the alloy to create the shekel. They would use a special process to create the shekel. But what they did not do is create the coin. They did not make the coin.

The shekel coin is one of the most interesting things the Internet has created. It is a piece of paper that is made from the same metal alloy as the shekel coin. So when a person uses the shekel coin for the first time, they use the special alloy alloy to make the shekel coin from. The shekel coin is then used to write down a message on the shekel coin. A message on the shekel coin.

In the past, with a single line of text, the shekel coin was the only way to tell someone something that they didn’t already know. But now, with the shekel coin getting to be so common, it’s becoming more and more like the Internet itself. We could be in a world where anyone could write down a message on a shekel coin, and someone would be able to read that message.

It’s no surprise that writing messages on a shekel coin would get people to do weird things. But that’s just one of the ways the shekel coin is becoming more valuable to the Internet these days. Imagine if everyone could write messages on the shekel coin, and we could all read them once they’ve written them, and the shekel coin would become a public place to store messages.

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