I am not a big fan of the shih coin- however, I can say that I have made it my own. I have always made my own shih coin (the one in the picture). You can make your own, too. It’s as easy as using a coffee filter, but I’ll let the picture do the talking.

The shih coin is a common Japanese coin that was used as currency throughout the mid-seventeenth century. It was based on the shi shi, a very thin, transparent, and soft metal coin that was used in China. The shih coin has come to symbolize good fortune and the ability to live happy and long life. However, the shih coin is also associated with greed, dishonesty, and materialism.

The shih coin is actually very durable, making it very useful for a good bit longer than a coin. It also has a reputation for being difficult to break. The shih coin is sometimes worn by soldiers, and even used as a currency in China.

I have a friend who wore a shih coin as a necklace over a few years. It was also the only currency he had during the times he lived in China. He would wear this coin throughout his life, and the value of the coin is what made him so happy. To this day, whenever he has to go to China, he always takes it with him.

It seems like every time I see the shih coin, I think of this friend. I don’t know him well, but he is the only person who ever had one. In the end, it’s a shame that they never made the coin smaller. I wouldn’t have had to remember my identity, or my favorite color, or anything else. I think it would have been just as fun to use the shih coin as a currency.

In order for someone to be able to use the shih coin, they must be able to remember who they are. In other words, shih coin is a form of human memory, which is something that you don’t really get if you have no contact with the real world.

The shih coin may not have been a perfect currency, but it was a very useful one. Like the dollar, the shih would be an excellent way to buy a car or hotel room in a foreign country.

The shih coin is one of the most powerful coin. Its existence is based on a series of unique symbols, each with a different color. It’s believed to be a symbol of the shih and a symbol of currency. It’s also believed to be used to create a different kind of currency called shishah.

This coin was the first to be used as a currency to buy things, and it would have been used in the same way as the dollar today. The shih coin was also the first to be designed and manufactured by a company that built more than just coins. It was one of the earliest coins ever printed. Its also the first coin ever to be printed with a color picture on it.

shih coins were first used by the Chinese, in a time when they were trying to gain their independence from China. The Chinese felt that a stable monetary system was necessary for the country to thrive, and so they developed a system of weighty paper notes called the shih. The shih was a thin, transparent paper currency, and it was also used as a currency. You could buy things in shih coins.


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