The colour green is one of the most soothing to the eyes especially when we think of backgrounds and settings for a presentation. There are several shades of this colour that not only offers visual respite and balances the glare but the contrast makes for clearer presentation as well. 

Portable Backgrounds 

There are green screen background kits available in a very compact packaging which are easy to carry and quick to set up. This makes a presentation or a live session very easy to organise for content creators and business houses who need to give presentations at different locations and on a short notice. 

What Are The Materials Used 

There are several types of materials used in the making of a green screen. Usually available in muslin that has a wonderful finish and is soft in textures, these screens are also available in nylon materials and as well as paper. There are other varieties of green coloured cloth available at craft stores which you can cut in size and use as a perfect green background for your online calls and video presentations. Muslin and cloth is always more durable in nature and easy to maintain as well. 

 Digital Backgrounds

This is an increasingly popular option chosen by the tech savvy generation of content creators and makers of video presentations of different kinds. One of the basic advantages of this background is its easy availability and no carry costs of the package kit. Virtual presentations now have the advantage of cost-effective tools that provide easy to access and affordable green screen background without the hassle of a setup or changing anything that is there in your actual background.  

More important these tools are compatible across a wide range of online conferencing platforms which makes the investments every bit worth. These tools are especially helpful when you need to make a presentation at any outdoor location of even away from your office or home. Creating a perfect background is less time consuming and completely easy. 

How Is A Background Important For A Presentation

For virtual presentations, you could be anywhere from your home to a local café but there is a need to present the background appropriately. All that can be easily done with the help on an online tool that covers the entire background instantly and blocks anything that is actually there with a screen cover. 

Another important reason that you need a backdrop setting especially in a single colour is to enhance anything other presentation material; there is no distraction or light and colour glare that may be affecting visibility for the other person on the other side. That is a basic requirement for a presentation. 

Advantages Of The Colour Green 

Whenever we think of a backdrop, we almost instantly think green. This is mainly because green is the colour of nature and that’s very soothing and therapeutic for the eyes. You don’t want the viewers of your presentation feel tired in their eyes or even distracted by the extreme colour contrasts, some of which can be shades very loud for the eyes. 


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