I’m a huge fan of the term “url”. As a result, I have no problem with the term. The problem I have is when people use it as a way to describe something that is not really a noun.

Like many people I do use the term “url” when I’m talking about something that is not necessarily a noun. For example, the term “red-light” means “a place where things are illegal or restricted.” In this case, I use the term to describe an area of the internet where people are not allowed to speak, or worse yet, be publicly profane.

In the context of text, this is no problem. The problem comes when we say that a person is “on twitter” for whatever reason. This is wrong because a person is not considered a person until they have a name and a face. So, a person on twitter is still not a person in the sense that they have a name. What they have is the name twitter and a face.

This is the point where, when the word “person” gets used to describe a person, it becomes a slur. In the same way as when people use the word “child” to describe a child, words like “person” and “child” are used to describe a person regardless of whether or not they have a name and face.

So when people take out the word person, it becomes a slur. It makes it impossible to actually have a normal conversation with someone who doesn’t know what person means. The word person is used as a way of describing a person, so it becomes a slur. The word person can not be used at all.

So people think it’s okay to just call someone a person, when they should really be called a person. This is a great way to get yourself in trouble when you are trying to have a normal conversation with someone. So people are using this as a way to avoid having to actually talk to the person.

I personally have never used this as a way to avoid having to actually talk to a person. For me, it’s easier to just use the word person than to actually type out a sentence. It’s usually the person who does the typing, and not me.

Its not an easy move to take, but you can only take it so many times. In the end you have to decide whether the person is worth your time or not. I would say the more you take the more you should take. If you are not the person you are trying to talk to, then leave. This way you don’t have to be that person.

In the case of the URL, if you try to type out a URL, your browser will save as a query string you can use later. The reason is because when you type a URL with someone else, you can’t see the actual URL until you try to hit enter. If you type in a URL it becomes a query string. This is a really cool feature.

I think it is because you can use the URL as a type of fingerprint. If I know the URL of a website and the URL of a website that is the same as mine, I can tell who is the same person by typing in the URL.


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